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Car Scanner

Redefining innovation. Breakthrough design.

A vision of the future of motoring. A design that combines aesthetics and technology.

This project arose from a desire to revolutionise the way drivers experience interaction with technology in their cars. We challenged ourselves to create a user interface that was not only intuitive and easy to use, but also introduced a new dimension of experience through the use of 3D technology.

In response to this challenge, we created an innovative design that changes the way drivers use technology in their cars. By implementing advanced 3D technologies, we have developed an interface that offers an unparalleled experience, blazing new trails in the interaction with automotive technology.

With our solutions, drivers not only have easy access to the various functions of their car, but experience them in a novel way. Our approach is bringing a true revolution to the automotive world, setting new standards for interaction and experience in automotive technology.

Using tools such as Photoshop, Xd, After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4D, we have combined the latest trends in UX/UI with advanced 3D technologies.



  • Application
  • Art direction
  • Scene Visuals
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Visualisation
  • brand-car-scanner

    Director of UX/UI Designer

    Filip Korzycki

How 3D technology is changing the user experience.

The visualisation of the application is a combination of functionality and aesthetics at the highest level. In the design of each screen, we were guided by the ideal of maximum usability, while taking care of the visual experience of the user. The use of 3D technology enabled us to implement interactive elements that, in addition to their aesthetic value, facilitate navigation and interaction with the application. The end result gives the user the impression of participating in a futuristic automotive world.

We took care of every aspect of the application, paying attention to the smallest details. From the start screen to the scanning functions to the details of the scanning results, everything has been carefully considered. Smooth animations and an intuitive user interface make using the Car Scanner app not only a necessity, but also a pleasure.

What sets our application apart is not only its aesthetics, but above all the way 3D technology has been integrated into the interface. The user, observing the results of the scan in the form of 3D models, is able to manipulate them – rotate or zoom in to see every detail. This makes interaction with the application not only functional, but also engaging.

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