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Ines Bielec

Creating a unique brand identity emphasises individuality and minimalism.

From concept to creation. A coherent image as the key to standing out.

Giving priority to elements such as minimalism, aesthetics, individuality and professionalism, we have created a logo that highlights the unique skills and passion in the field of permanent make-up.

At the centre of our design is an innovative combination of the initials ‘I’ and ‘B’, joined by a subtle line. Like a needle in the hands of a permanent make-up artist, this line symbolises the precision and care that are key in this field.

Building brand recognition through the use of a unique name is a key aspect in the image creation process. Our logo design emphasises individuality and skill in the field of permanent make-up, creating a strong foundation for the brand.

We strive to create designs that not only meet expectations, but exceed them, creating something truly unique. This demonstrates that we don’t just create designs, we create stories that help you stand out and become famous in your field.



  • Art direction
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • brand-ines-bielec

    Director of Branding

    Aleksandra Bubicz

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