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Kotlet w bułce

Simple concept, strong design. Giving a new face to a classic dish.

Redefining the classics. A modern approach to logo and visual identity for a Silesian food truck.

The goal was clear: to preserve the essence of the classic dish while giving it a new, appealing and up-to-date identity. In response to this challenge, we focused on creating a unique visual identity for the Silesian foodtruck. With a particular focus on the casual nature of the business and a modern interpretation of traditional dining, our concept gave rise to a design that was destined to stand out from the start.

The creation of the logo was the first step on the road to success. The use of loose but strong typography was key to creating a distinctive design that both attracted attention from afar and captured the spirit of streetfood. The logo, built on simple lines and bright colours, became an expression of the company’s identity, successfully attracting customers and gaining their loyalty.

What initially appeared to be a challenge turned into a success, transforming a simple foodtruck into a popular spot on the culinary map of the Silesian region. Thanks to a carefully thought-out strategy and our ability to create strong visual identities, the company was able to establish itself and make its presence felt in the rapidly growing street food sector.



  • Art direction
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Visualisation
  • brand-kotlet-w-bulce

    Graphic Designer / Illustrator

    Paulina Rymer

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