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Pico Bello

Ice cream in a royal dimension: classic meets elegant simplicity. The branding adventure of Pico Bello Lody.

How did we transform a traditional product into a modern, elegant and unique brand?

We underwent a strategic transformation at Pico Bello Ice Cream, combining classic with modern and elegance with simplicity. Our actions were not just a redefinition of the brand, but a deliberate step towards attracting a new target audience, while nurturing the loyalty of regular customers.

The key element of our design became the ice cream sigil, an indispensable trademark of the brand. The logo is a simple yet sophisticated symbol that reflects the royal quality of Pico Bello products. The elegant font adds a majestic touch to the logo, emphasising its prestige and uniqueness.

Our work is complemented by the customer card, which emphasises the elite nature of the brand and is a tool for building loyalty. It provides a discreet but effective way to retain regular customers and attract new ones.

As a result, we have created a coherent and attractive visual identity that allows Pico Bello Lody to stand out in the market, marking its presence and attracting a new target group.



  • Art direction
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • brand-pico-bello

    Director of Branding

    Aleksandra Bubicz

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