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A manifesto of our passion for typography, expressed in the language of design.

In the land of typographic challenges, the real magic of the project was born

We created a design that not only met the expectations of the most demanding, but also introduced new standards in typography. Our approach to typography, treated as a combination of art and science, resulted in the creation of a logo with a modern form and design that always looks fresh. This is a guarantee that the design is original and will attract attention.

Striving for perfection, we have created a design with a unique approach to typography. The non-trivial combination of the letters SOUTHE has been used as a mark, which further emphasises the uniqueness and innovation of our approach.

Our deep passion for typography motivates us to constantly push the boundaries and find new and innovative solutions. In the project for SOUTHE, this passion translated into the creation of a logo that is not only modern and fresh, but also unique and original. With our commitment and innovation, we have created something that not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting new standards in design.



  • Art direction
  • Branding Concept
  • Graphic Design
  • brand-southe

    Director of Branding

    Aleksandra Bubicz

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