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From the sea straight to the table. The new face of seafood in street food.

How rebranding has revealed the new face of seafood in street food.

Grappling with the challenge of presenting seafood as an accessible culinary experience, rather than an elitist and extravagant image, our first step was to design a modern, minimalist yet distinctive logo. We wanted it to emphasise the strong accent of Mediterranean cuisine.

The secret of our success was the choice of a simple but strongly resonant font and a sigil that perfectly reflected the character and atmosphere of the restaurant. The symbolism of the anchor, symbolising the catch of the sea, combined with the cutlery, as a representation of cuisine and food, was key in our aim to create a coherent composition. As a result, the message ‘from the sea straight to the table’ was clearly and effectively conveyed.

Extending our vision, we introduced freehand hand-drawn illustrations and a wave motif, adding a modern and streetfood feel to the whole. The end result? The objectives of the project were achieved and seafood was presented as an accessible and common culinary experience, attracting attention and changing the previous perception of this category in street food.



  • Art direction
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • brand-wylowione

    Graphic Designer / Illustrator

    Paulina Rymer

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