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Competitor analysis in SEO

SEO Academy

Chapter 11


Competitor analysis in SEO

Welcome to the eleventh chapter of PAR HOUSE Agency’s SEO Academy. Having understood how to optimise your site for mobile users, we will now focus on competitive analysis in SEO. You will learn how to analyse your competition to understand where you stand and how you can improve.

What is competitive analysis in SEO?

Competitor analysis in SEO refers to the process of researching and understanding how your competitors are performing in search results. This allows you to identify their strengths and weaknesses and use this information to improve your own SEO strategy.

How do you analyse your competition?

Here are some steps on how to analyse your competition:

  1. Identify your main competitors: Understand who your main competitors are in the search results. These could be direct business competitors or sites that compete for the same keywords.
  2. Analyse their keyword strategy: Find out what keywords they rank for and how they rank for them.
  3. Evaluate their content and backlinks: Examine what content they create and what backlinks they gain. This can give you ideas on how to improve your strategy.
  4. Use competitive analysis tools: There are many SEO tools that can help you analyse your competitors, such as SEMrush, Ahrefs and Moz.


Competitor analysis in SEO is a key part of creating an effective SEO strategy. By understanding how your competitors are performing in search results, you can identify areas where you can improve and get ahead of them in the rankings.

In the next chapter of PAR HOUSE Agency’s SEO Academy, we will discuss monitoring and measuring SEO performance – how to track and measure your results to understand what is working and what is not. Join us to learn more about how you can track and measure your SEO performance. To make sure you don’t miss out on any new information, sign up to our newsletter below each post.


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