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Content optimisation

SEO Academy

Chapter 16


Content optimisation

Welcome to the sixteenth chapter of PAR HOUSE Agency’s SEO Academy. Having understood how to build and optimise an external linking strategy, we will now focus on content optimisation. You will learn how to create and optimise content to increase visibility and engagement.

What is content optimisation?

Content optimisation refers to the process of creating and adjusting content to make it more appealing to search engines and users. This includes the structure and style of the content, as well as optimising it for keywords and other SEO factors.

How do you create and optimise content?

Here are some steps on how to create and optimise content:

  1. Understand your audience: Create content that answers your audience’s questions and solves their problems.
  2. Use relevant keywords: Make sure your content contains keywords that are relevant to your industry and audience.
  3. Create compelling and readable content: Your content should be easy to read and understand, with attractive headlines and subheadings.
  4. Promote your content: Use social media, email marketing and other channels to promote your content and increase its reach.


Content optimisation is a key part of website optimisation. By creating and optimising your content, you can increase its visibility and engagement, which leads to more visits and conversions.

In the next chapter of PAR HOUSE Agency’s SEO Academy, we will discuss social media strategy in SEO – how to use social media to increase visibility and engagement in SEO. Join us to learn more about how you can use social media in your SEO strategy. To make sure you don’t miss out on any new information, sign up for our newsletter below each post.


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