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We set the direction of the future obsessed with creativity by constantly examining reality.

Synergy of vision, professionalism and the art of hospitality

We started our business in 2010 with a clear mission: to create projects that stand out for their unique design, professionalism and efficiency. Our operations are driven by innovation that translates into real benefits for our customers. Passion, creativity, commitment, knowledge and experience allow us to implement projects that are not only aesthetically stunning, but also effective and customized.

In the development process, we combine creativity with functionality, and prestige with professionalism. As a team of professionals, with unwavering passion and commitment, we strive to achieve common goals – the success of our clients. Our work is a constant search for inspiration and development of skills, which translates into the implementation of ambitious projects.

Thanks to our determination and reliability, we have earned the position of leaders, ready to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Working with us means not only having access to a qualified team, but also to business partners who support the growth and success of your brand.

We focus on a multidimensional approach to creation, combining knowledge from different fields. This interdisciplinary collaboration allows us to create holistic projects that gain recognition from both our clients and their audiences.

What remains unchanged is our openness to new challenges and the pursuit of excellence. The conviction of the effectiveness of our commitment is evident in customer satisfaction and joint successes.

We also emphasize our commitment to professional ethics and social responsibility. Our goal is to create sustainable projects that respect our clients’ copyrights and values.

We offer support at every stage of cooperation, from consultation to ongoing technical and content support after the project is completed. The awareness that our clients’ success is also our success motivates us to be fully committed and professional in every task we undertake.

Satisfaction and continuous support

12MSC warranty and unlimited administration

Aiming to provide the highest quality of customer service, we focus on a personalized approach and solid business relationships. Our offer includes flexible contracts that are tailored to the specific needs and expectations of our clients, so that each project is carried out with clear objectives and terms of cooperation.

We provide a satisfaction guarantee for the services provided, which includes both the technical and aesthetic aspects of our implementations, taking care of the satisfaction and business development of our partners.

A special place in our work philosophy is given to the ongoing support we provide even after projects are completed. We believe that building lasting relationships based on trust and a shared commitment to success contributes to a better understanding of customer needs and an effective response to changing market conditions.

Meet our people

As a group of experienced professionals, we specialize in various fields and have extensive experience working on projects for clients in many industries. Working together on a daily basis, exchanging knowledge and ideas, we are constantly developing and improving the quality of our services.

It effectively transforms and renews the face of brands, adapting them to changing market conditions. He leads his team with full commitment, satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers.

As the creative driving force behind each project, he introduces unique solutions that have been successfully implemented for clients since 2010. His knowledge and experience have strengthened the agency’s position as a leader in the market, bringing it great recognition among clients.

Adrian Koziński

Founder & CEO

He draws new perspectives from his many travels, bringing freshness to the team. With his fluency in Polish, English, Spanish, Catalan and French, he serves clients in a variety of markets.

His international experience and commitment are key to the agency’s global success.

Łukasz Bielamowicz

Co-funder / Translator

He has a unique sense for creating and renewing brands, adapting strategies to dynamically changing market conditions.

He is an invaluable support to any project, getting involved in every aspect of it. Patience, tenacity and creativity allow us to introduce unique, tailor-made solutions that address specific customer needs.

Aleksandra Bubicz

Director of Branding

It combines technical precision with innovative thinking. Specializes in creating effective and aesthetically pleasing websites, always with attention to user experience.

His advanced programming skills allow him to develop, test and improve software, as well as design complex information systems.

Adam Pokora

Director of Web Development

A specialist with a deep understanding of search engine algorithms, search engine optimization and SEO strategies. It has an impressive ability to increase a site’s visibility in search results, which translates into increased organic traffic and improved brand positioning.

Constantly keeping an eye on the latest SEO trends and adapting strategies to the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape is his daily practice. A determined leader is a guarantee of high quality and effective SEO efforts.

Dawid Glura

Director of SEO

He is invaluable for his creativity and ability to create unusual solutions that push the boundaries of conventional design.

His preference for minimalism manifests itself in elegant and effective designs that attract attention and fulfill their purpose. Talent, commitment and clout are his main assets, which allow him to constantly push the boundaries in his creativity.

Filip Korzycki

Director of UX/UI Designer

He successfully combines creativity with technical precision. His programming skills allow him to develop, test and improve software, as well as design advanced information systems.

His designs are not only functional, but also aesthetically appealing, paying special attention to user comfort.

Michał Stanisławski

Web Developer

His adventure in web development is a story about code, creativity and endless learning. Passion and commitment guide him through every stage of project development. He works on the project from zero to the finished product, taking care of every detail.

His goal is to make the customer’s vision a virtual reality.

Dorian Szczygielski

Web Developer

With the passion of a webdeveloper and commitment to each project, he is ready to take on the most demanding challenges, and his hands-on approach guarantees efficiency and timely execution.

He is able to adapt to a variety of customer requirements, which translates into an individual approach to each order and customer satisfaction.

Krystian Michalak

Web Developer

With years of experience in the advertising industry, he creates creative designs that stand out with vibrant colors and a unique approach to design.

He draws inspiration from the charms of the Polish locales he discovers in his free time, as well as from the puzzles he solves in escaperooms. In addition, well-designed packaging is an invaluable source of inspiration for her.

Paulina Rymer

Graphic Designer / Illustrator

A true virtuoso in his craft. He can translate the most complex concepts into clear and attractive visualizations.

His ability to communicate through images, in both traditional and digital forms, is invaluable. He is always there to help find visual solutions that enhance understanding and engage audiences.

Jakub Zalewski

Visual Communication Designer

He is a renowned specialist in the field of business photography, whose work is valued nationwide. Known for its excellent communication and flexibility, it adapts flawlessly to clients’ requirements and schedules. Its reliability and ability to deliver high-quality images quickly are key for companies looking for professionalism and efficiency.

With its experience and established reputation, it provides invaluable support to any business venture, contributing to its success and image in the market.

Maciej Kot


He draws inspiration and new energy from his travels, which provide him with a fresh perspective on his next projects. Each day brings him a new challenge, which he begins by opening Figma, a key tool in his daily work.

He sees design as an endless exciting journey of discovery, full of surprises and opportunities to gain new knowledge. This uncertainty, and the promise of creativity, are a source of constant passion and drive for him.

Fyodor Shevchouk

UX/UI Designer

Aesthetic and Functional Wizard. He wields the art of minimalism, creating designs that are not only elegant, but also intuitive for the user.

His creativity knows no bounds, and unusual solutions are his trademark. This combination of talent and out-of-the-box thinking makes him invaluable to any project he works on.

Oleksandr Melnyk

UX/UI Designer

A content specialist who brings new insights to agencies, transforming expressionless content into stories that engage audiences. Her vision is not only to create content, but also to evoke emotions and generate engagement.

With it, any brand will take the right direction, heading towards new horizons of creativity.

Paulina Orzech

Content Manager

A unique writing style that makes it adapt to different contexts with ease.

Known as a “verbal key,” it opens the door to effective communication with different audiences. Her ability to create compelling and engaging content is invaluable in the realm of copywriting.

Kamila Cicha


The translator on our team, is a Luxembourg national with a passion for travel and cultures.

He possesses a variety of technical skills, including Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office, and demonstrates strong problem-solving skills. His fluency in four languages – Luxembourgish, French, German and English – makes him a valuable resource for any of our clients.

Charel Schuler


Exceptional at managing relationships and building lasting bonds. His ability to understand and meet customer expectations is unparalleled. Able to easily connect with customers, identify their needs and provide effective solutions.

His ability to communicate and negotiate is key to keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Miłosz Łukasik

Client Relations Expert



Kamil Sowiński

UX/UI Designer

Krzysztof Kacprzak

UX/UI Designer

Join the team!

Apply and join our close-knit team that values creativity and ambition in projects. Together we work for the development of the company, always respecting the opinions of others. If you share our values and want to join us, we look forward to receiving your application!

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Long-term relationships

We are proud to introduce our exceptional clients with whom we are pleased to work. With our long experience in the industry and passion for design, we have completed many successful projects. The success of our clients motivates us to continuously develop and improve our skills.

Feedback from our customers

Monika Dudkiewicz

Partner, SEMPRE

We can’t find the words to fully convey our satisfaction and gratitude. We are simply touched and full of appreciation for the professionalism and efficiency of this agency. We look forward to further results of our c...

Wiktor Kowalski

Chief Operating Officer, Sourcevit sp. z o.o. Bucelfruta, lda

As for the cooperation with PAR HOUSE, I can speak at length really…. But boringly, because only positively. I will describe a few situations: 1. At a time when the understanding of certain development processes related t...

Kamil Sowiński

Brand Designer, MARSEN sp. z o.o.

They have incredible potential and we hope they will meticulously use it. The designed website follows our aesthetics, is well positioned, runs smoothly and is fully editable. These criteria were the most important for us. In a...

Karolina Kosak

SEMPRE Wholesale

Thank you for the professional implementation of our new wholesale store. Thanks to their commitment and competence, we were able to introduce a number of improvements and additional functionalities that will significantly faci...

Katarzyna Pietrzykowska

CEO, AMICOR Cardiac Center

I can write with full satisfaction that they met our requirements at the highest level. Outstanding commitment and timeliness ensured that the project was completed on time. It was a pleasure to work with them, and the contact ...

Aleksandra Odolczyk

Marketing Assistant, WOLF Technika Grzewcza

They showed great commitment to the project and were very responsive to any comments we made. Mr. Adrian also at all times provided advice and explanation of the steps taken. The website was created as specified in the contrac...

Michał Surma

Producer&Production Manager, Medscreen sp. z o.o.

We are satisfied with PAR HOUSE Agency’s work. The team met expectations and delivered high-quality development and graphic design work. What’s more, delivering on time and successfully implementing changes and reso...

Patryk Strzała

Founder, PAT ARROW

The collaboration on the personal branding of my brand was absolutely unique. They are truly the best at what they do – the professionalism they display is rare in the market. Always available and ready to help at a momen...

Anna Michałowska

Sales Director, Vaco Pure

I had the pleasure of working with the agency to develop our website. We chose them because of their excellent collaborative culture. The project was completed flawlessly, on schedule, and communication was top-notch. What stoo...

Artur Falski

Founder, 4 Steps Solutions SA

I am extremely satisfied with the cooperation with PAR HOUSE. The team works quickly, has excellent communication skills, and most importantly, always meets deadlines, often exceeding my expectations. The team’s professio...

Katarzyna Cerazy


Cooperation with the agency has resulted in a significant increase in orders and visitors. The high achievements in the PSI area are the result of their excellent implementation. The professionalism and creativity of the team d...

Justyna Kozlowska-Holt


Rebranding the site by the agency proved to be a great choice thanks to the professionalism, efficiency and good customer approach of the experts. They stand out for their ingenuity and creativity against the competition.

Krzysztof Kukuła

CEO, Dr Kukuła Specialist Dental Practice

Cooperation with PAR HOUSE Agency for 10 years has been 3 successful rebranding of the site, great hosting and mail services. I recommend as a professional partner in website development and SEO.

Mariusz Gwardyś


After launching the project implemented by the agency, we gained new clients in just two months. The team showed quick response to our needs, and the entire order was delivered even slightly ahead of the agreed deadline. I am e...

Ewa Boniakowska-Cichy

Owner, FIVEroses

From the moment I decided to work with this agency, I knew I had made a good choice. They designed for my beauty studio not only a professional, modern website, but also part of the corporate identity, which perfectly reflects ...

Anna Domagała

Owner, local4

The gentlemen at PAR HOUSE made me a really great website. I didn’t expect the whole process to take so short! Mr. Adrian with sincere commitment worked out every detail, consulting everything with me. I would also add th...

Baszuk Czernicka Baszuk

Law Office

We are extremely pleased to have worked with PAR HOUSE Agency since 2015. Our years of experience with this team have resulted in numerous successful projects that have definitely contributed to the success of our law firm.

Joanna Pacanowska

Baltica Gdansk

The agency provided us with a fully functional website, which resulted in a significant increase in inquiries and apartment bookings. The team demonstrated a high level of professionalism, and what is particularly noteworthy is...
5 / 5

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