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Prowincja Dębki

Modern website and reservation system. UX/UI design that transformed user experience and increased conversions.

Understanding the client's needs while meeting project goals.

We started a project for Dębki Province with the idea of creating a modern website. We not only wanted to emphasize the elegance and comfort of the apartments and cottages on offer, but also to ensure intuitiveness and ease of use for potential guests. We were expected to be not only aesthetically appealing, but also functional, with an easy booking system and the ability to edit content.

We responded to these requirements by creating a site with a timeless color scheme of beige and muted black, which emphasize warmth and a sense of relaxation. We designed it in a way that guides the potential visitor through its content until the room is selected. Using lite speed technology, we guaranteed its speed and reliability on the server. PSI results confirm our efforts – the site is optimized for SEO, which significantly increases its visibility in search results.



  • Administration
  • API integrations
  • Art direction
  • Automation
  • Back-end Development
  • Branding
  • Front-end Development
  • Graphic design
  • LiteSpeed Server Hosting
  • UI design
  • UX design
  • Wordpress implementation
  • Founder & CEO

    Adrian Koziński
  • Director of UX/UI Designer

    Filip Korzycki
  • Web Developer

    Dorian Szczygielski
  • Web Developer

    Krystian Michalak
  • Specialist

    PAR HOUSE Agency

Symbolism in the logo. Prestige and locality in one.

The logo for Dębki Province is a subtle marriage of prestige and localism, capturing the spirit and values of the brand. We composed them from the word “Province” and the characteristic tilted “o” with a star. This element symbolizes the comprehensiveness of the services offered and their local character. The distinctive “o” with a star has become a key element of the corporate identity.

Our goal was to design an emblem that would faithfully reflect the spirit of the brand, combining prestige with proximity and local character. The tilted “o” with a star perfectly combines these values, becoming a unique and easily recognizable symbol for Dębki Province.

Although the logo is not overly luxurious, it carries a fair dose of prestige. Its local character is emphasized by the star – a universal symbol of quality. As a result, the emblem for Dębki Province harmoniously combines prestige with locality, creating a unique brand identity.

Modernity, functionality and SEO optimization

When working on the website for Dębki Province, we focused on three pillars: modernity, functionality and SEO optimization. These were the foundations on which we built a platform that met not only aesthetic but also practical requirements.

In terms of modernity, we have made design decisions that take into account current design trends. We chose a timeless color scheme of beige and muted black, exuding warmth and relaxation. We also took care of the responsiveness of the site, so it works smoothly on a variety of devices – from desktop computers to laptops to smartphones.

In terms of functionality, we not only provided intuitive navigation, but also implemented the ability for users to easily edit content. By using the WordPress platform, the client has full control over the content of the site and the ability to make quick updates.

No less important was SEO optimization – the key to increasing a site’s visibility in search results. The site has been carefully optimized for SEO. In addition, using lite speed technology on our server, we guarantee its speed and reliability.

Reservation system design. Ease and convenience for guests.

The focal point of our assignment for Dębki Province was the implementation of a reservation system that was to be characterized by simplicity and intuitiveness for guests. Although the system is still undergoing testing, we are confident that it meets customer needs perfectly.

We designed the booking system to minimize commission costs from other platforms, while integrating with them to avoid duplicate bookings. We also complied with the customer’s request by adding special rules in the booking form.

We have assumed that guests should be able to pay both online and by traditional means – this further simplifies the booking process and makes it more flexible. We’ve also introduced modals that inform about unfinalized bookings, which helps reduce the number of bookings left unfinalized.

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