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Yoga Store

A vision of minimalism.

The main idea of the project with yoga mats and articles.

At the center of the project was the creation of an e-commerce platform that reflects the spirit and philosophy of yoga.

We strived not only to meet expectations, but more importantly to exceed them. We took a holistic approach, focusing on both aesthetics and functionality. We wanted the site to be visually appealing, easy to navigate and intuitive for the user.

A key element of this project was the concept of minimalism. We believe that “less is more,” so the site exudes simplicity without sacrificing key elements necessary for an effective e-commerce platform.

Our platform is not just a place to shop. It is a space that inspires, educates and supports yoga practitioners in their daily lives. A place where modern technology combines with yoga philosophy to deliver a unique user experience.



  • Art direction
  • e-Commerce
  • UI design
  • UX design
  • Director of UX/UI Designer

    Filip Korzycki

In-depth understanding of specifics and needs.

The start of this project was based on an in-depth understanding of the specifics and needs. The goal was to create not only an online store offering yoga mats and related products, but more importantly a platform that would promote the yoga philosophy and a sustainable lifestyle. We wanted to create more than just a store – a vision that included community building.

Inspired by the philosophy of yoga, we created a design that hides multidimensionality and depth in its minimalist aesthetic. We opted for bright, calm colors to reflect the harmony and balance that are key elements of the discipline.

Our creation goes beyond the limits of an ordinary online store. It is a space where modern technology blends harmoniously with yoga philosophy to create a unique digital experience for the user. We have created a digital platform that inspires, educates and helps yoga practitioners in their daily practice. It’s a place that exudes peace and balance.

In realizing the vision, we have shown that design can go hand in hand with deep-rooted values and philosophy. Our work is more than just a project – it is a manifestation of the idea that technology can be used to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Let's talk, we want to get to know your needs and expectations better!