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The power of clean code and ACF on WordPress



The power of clean code and ACF on WordPress

In today’s digital world, websites are not only business cards for companies in the online space, but also key tools in building trust and security. At PAR HOUSE Agency, we understand these needs, which is why we specialise in clean code website development on WordPress using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), which guarantees the highest security by separating the backend from the frontend.

What does ‘clean code’ mean?

Writing ‘clean code’ means creating code that is not only efficient and easy to understand, but also organised in such a way that it is easy to maintain and update. In the context of web development, clean code helps to ensure page loading speed, optimise for SEO and increase overall site performance.

Why do we separate the back-end from the front-end?

Separating the backend from the frontend is a practice that increases the security and flexibility of a website. It allows independent management of the content (backend) and the way it is presented (frontend), making it easier to make updates and changes to the site without the risk of affecting its stability. Additionally, this separation minimises the risk of cyber-attacks, as potential intruders find it more difficult to access sensitive data.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) – the key to personalisation

Advanced Custom Fields is a powerful tool for WordPress that allows us to quickly and easily add custom fields to posts, users, comments and pages. With ACF, we can create complex and fully customised pages while keeping code clean and high performance. ACF allows us to fine-tune the content and functionality of the site, resulting in a better user experience and higher conversions.

Safety first

At PAR HOUSE Agency, security is our top priority. When developing websites, we use best practices and the latest technology to ensure protection from digital threats. By separating the backend from the frontend and using clean code, our sites are not only fast and responsive, but also safe from unauthorised access and attacks.


When you choose PAR HOUSE Agency to create your website, you are choosing a partner that is committed to quality, security and personalisation. Our experience in clean-code website development on WordPress using ACF allows us to deliver solutions that not only meet our clients’ expectations, but also exceed industry security standards. Feel free to contact us to find out more about how we can help with your project.


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