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Why do dedicated solutions trump ready-made themes?




Why do dedicated solutions trump ready-made themes?

In the digital age, a website is not only a company’s online business card, but also a key tool in building customer relationships and generating sales. Choosing the right technology and approach to its implementation therefore has a direct impact on business success. In this context, PAR HOUSE Agency relies on bespoke graphic design and dedicated technology solutions that clearly stand out from standard offers based on ready-made templates and page builders. Here is a detailed comparison of the two approaches.

Individuality and uniqueness

Ready-made templates

Although ready-made templates offer speed of implementation and apparent ease of use, they often lead to ‘clone’ pages that are difficult to distinguish from hundreds of others on the web. The lack of uniqueness and individuality can negatively affect brand image and recognition.

PAR HOUSE Agency’s individual projects

Every project started at PAR HOUSE Agency is treated as a unique story that requires an individual approach. Working in tools such as Figma or Adobe XD allows us to create personalised graphic designs that accurately reflect the brand’s character and needs, ensuring its uniqueness and competitiveness in the market.

Technology and performance

Page builders

Page builders may seem attractive to those without technical experience, but they often generate redundant and suboptimal code that affects page performance, loading speed and search engine positioning. Additionally, their flexibility and customisation options are limited.

WordPress in clean code with ACF at PAR HOUSE Agency

The use of WordPress in clean code with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) allows us to create lightweight, fast and secure websites that are perfectly optimised for SEO. As a result, our clients’ websites score higher in PageSpeed Insights, resulting in better SEO and online visibility.

Security, optimisation and scalability


Off-the-shelf templates, especially popular ones, can be vulnerable to hacking attacks and other security threats. At PAR HOUSE Agency, we ensure a high level of security by controlling every aspect of the project using best practices and current standards.

Optimisation and SEO

Our projects are developed with SEO optimisation in mind from the outset. Clean code, proper structure and semantics, as well as multimedia and content optimisation, all ensure that pages load quickly and are search engine friendly.


The dedicated technology solutions offered by PAR HOUSE Agency allow you to easily adapt and expand your site as your business grows, without the limitations typically associated with off-the-shelf templates.

Why PAR HOUSE Agency?

By choosing PAR HOUSE Agency, our clients are not only investing in a unique and aesthetically appealing website, but also in its future. Our solutions provide not only ongoing performance and security, but also flexibility and the ability to grow, which in the long term is crucial for success in a rapidly changing digital world.


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