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Automatic registration of products with GS1



Automatic registration of products with GS1

Product registration with GS1 is a key element of merchandise management in retail and wholesale. PAR HOUSE Agency offers advanced solutions that automate this process using APIs, enabling efficient and accurate registration of products in the GS1 system.

The importance of registration with GS1

GS1 is a global system of standards that enables unambiguous identification of products. Registering products with GS1 allows them to be assigned unique EAN codes, which are necessary for sale across multiple distribution channels. This makes it easy to track products, manage inventory and integrate with various sales platforms.

Automation of the registration process

Our solutions use BaseLinker’s API to automatically register products with GS1. This makes the process fast, error-free and requires no manual intervention. Automation makes it possible to register large quantities of products in a short period of time, which is especially useful for stores with a wide assortment.

Integration with BaseLinker

BaseLinker is an advanced order and product management tool. Integration with GS1 via API allows EAN codes to be automatically assigned and updated without the need for manual data entry. This solution eliminates the risk of errors and saves time that can be spent on business development.

Adding and updating an EAN pool from within WordPress

One of the key elements of our solution is the ability to manage the EAN pool from within WordPress. Users can easily add new EAN codes and update existing ones directly in the WordPress admin panel. The system also sends email notifications when the EAN pool is nearing depletion, allowing for ongoing management of code stocks.

Automatic email notifications are a key component of our solution. They ensure that users are always aware of the state of the EAN pool and can replenish the codes in real time. This prevents delays in registering new products and allows smooth management of the goods identification process.

Benefits for customers

There are many benefits to automating product registration with GS1. Above all, it reduces the time required to manage EAN codes and minimizes the risk of errors, resulting in greater operational efficiency. In addition, precise product coding makes it easier to track products, manage inventory and fulfill orders. By automating processes, stores can focus on growth and customer service.


Automatic product registration with GS1 using BaseLinker’s API is an innovative solution that streamlines product management in an online store. At PAR HOUSE Agency, we provide tools that automate this process, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of errors. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and optimize your e-Commerce operations together.

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