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Increase the efficiency of your business



Increase the efficiency of your business

Why is mail compression important for your business?

In the digital age, email has become an integral part of any company’s operations. Emails are not only a carrier of information, but also act as documentation and a key communication tool. As a result, optimizing mailbox management is becoming a priority for businesses. And this is where mail compression, a service offered by our agency – PAR HOUSE Agency – comes on the scene.

Compression of mail by as much as 40% with PAR HOUSE Agency

Our mail compression service can reduce mail volume by as much as 40% without deleting any messages. This means that by moving your mail to our hosting, your mailboxes will occupy only 60% of the current capacity. This is ideal for companies that have large volumes of mail and want to optimize space management.

Dedicated mail services – experience our top package

PAR HOUSE Agency also offers dedicated mail services. Go to our packages to see what we have prepared for you. Our top package includes:

  • 100 GB capacity
  • 1024 GB of monthly transfer
  • Mail compression 40%
  • Ability to send 100,000 emails / week
  • Individual IP address
  • Individual rev dns

Why choose PAR HOUSE Agency?

Our team of experts guarantees a professional approach to mail management and hosting. With our services, your company will enjoy more efficient use of mail space and seamless service. Take advantage of our solutions and increase your company’s efficiency by 40%.

How do you get started with PAR HOUSE Agency?

Contact us to learn more about our services and the benefits of our solutions. Together we will prepare an offer tailored to your company’s needs. Find out how effective mail compression can be with PAR HOUSE Agency.


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