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Automatic removal of images and products not associated with BaseLinker



Automatic removal of images and products not associated with BaseLinker

Managing storage space and resources in an online store is a key element of running an e-Commerce business effectively. PAR HOUSE Agency’s solutions automatically remove images and products that lose their BaseLinker links, helping to keep things organized and optimize resource usage.

Problems of disk space management

As an online store grows, the number of images and products can increase rapidly, which in turn increases the need for disk space. Improper management of these resources can lead to unnecessary server load and slow down the site. This is why it is so important to regularly delete unnecessary files and products that are no longer available.

Automatic removal of images of unrelated products

Our solutions allow you to automatically delete images of products that have been removed from the store. When a product loses its link to the inventory management system, our tools automatically identify and remove the associated images. This approach not only frees up disk space, but also ensures that there are no outdated files left on the server that can introduce clutter.

Removal of products losing links to BaseLinker

As with images, products that lose links to BaseLinker are automatically removed from the store’s database. BaseLinker is an advanced order management tool that allows you to synchronize products with different sales platforms. If a product is removed from BaseLinker or its linkage is broken, our system automatically removes it from the online store, which helps keep your product catalog up-to-date and organized.

Benefits of automation

There are many advantages to automating photo and product deletion processes. First of all, it significantly reduces the manual work involved in managing inventory, allowing store owners to focus on more strategic activities. In addition, keeping the database and server in order improves site performance, which in turn results in a better user experience.

Automation also ensures data security, as regular deletion of unnecessary files reduces the risk of unauthorized access. This not only makes the online store run more efficiently, but also better protected from potential threats.


Automatic deletion of images and products that lose their links to BaseLinker is a key tool in online store inventory management. At PAR HOUSE Agency, we provide end-to-end solutions that help keep things organized, increase site efficiency and improve security. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and optimize your online store together.

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